Chris Callow has been passionately involved in the agricultural industry for over 30 years; who has consolidated his expertise as owner and operator of Callow Livestock for the past 20 years.

Chris provides his clientele with an independent livestock service delivering relevant information, accurate market signals and up to date technology to assist producers maximise profit in their business.

Located at Dunedoo in Central West NSW, Chris & Kylee Callow are both from rural backgrounds & also run a mixed farming operation on a family property. 

Our Goal; To offer an independent livestock service aimed at delivering relevant information, accurate market signals & up to date technology to assist producers maximise profit in their business. 

• Licensed Stock & Station Agent & Level 1 Professional Auctions Plus Assessor

• Market Intelligence

• Targeted Market Turn-off - using pasture quality assessments, grazing management
   & growth rate predictions

• Evaluation of the best marketing system to provide the best
  Net return for your stock

• Sourcing of livestock

 • Access to Live Export Markets

• Network  & Co-ordination of agistment and backgrounding options throughout the eastern seaboard 

• Access to live export markets 

• Specialists in F1 Wagyu Marketing and forward contract sales

• Network of Producers and Producer Groups across eastern Australia
• Feedback on all cattle sold
• Analysis of Risk Management Strategies
• Expanded market options via expansive business networks -
   Auctions Plus, direct to feedlot, direct to slaughter and private sales  
• Flat rate $/Hd marketing fee - this enables your net return to be determined
  before stock leave the property
• Feedback to assist your production system
• Risk management analysis 
• Delivery of the latest technical information to producers & industry groups
• Enterprise selection & breeding program advice
• Genetic selection
• Female classing
• Breeding Management and Herd Husbandry advice
• 30 years of Personal experience working in the Industry 
• On farm visits marketing and production advice 
   in a package to suit your requirements


• Feed Steers, Weaners, Yearling Cattle, Heavy Kill Steers & Cull Cows - $35.00 per head

• Breeding Lines of Females (Heifers, PTIC Cows or Cows & Calves) - $50.00 per head

• Cattle Sourcing & Co-ordination of Agistment/Backgrounding - $6.00 per head

• AuctionsPlus Assessment & Marketing - $600.00 


• OTH Sales/Direct Paddock Sales - $4.00 per head
• Breeding Ewes & Lambs - $7.00 per head
• Sheep Sourcing & Co-ordination of Agistment - $0.60 per head
• AuctionsPlus Assessment & Marketing - $600.00 

We have a sliding scale % for larger lines of stock & can customise a package to suit your marketing program.

Please call Tim or Chris to discuss any of the above.

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Office Tel: 0437 735 753 
Chris Mobile: 0429 497 166
Tim Mobile: 0437 751 322
ABN: 63 612 767 932

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