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Account: RT Cooper

To be offered via AuctionsPlus Eastern States Sale 991
Friday 3rd July 2020

8hd Angus PTE P Drop Heifers

Ave weight: 393kg (346-426kg)

12hd Angus PTE Cows

2hd x J Drop, 4hd x M Drop & 6hd x N Drop

Ave weight: 468kg (362-606kg)

11hd Angus PTIC Cows

3hd x E Drop, 4hd x F Drop, 2hd x M Drop, 1hd x J Drop & 1hd x K Drop

Ave weight: 580kg (528-640kg)

Video Links:

PTE P Drop Heifers

PTE J - N Drop Cows

PTIC E - M Drop Cows

Location: Beech Forest VIC

Account:  Otway Pastoral Co

To be offered via AuctionsPlus Eastern States Sale 991
Friday 3rd July 2020

20hd Te Mania Bloodline Angus Cow & Calves

2hd x 2016 Drop, 1 hd x 2015 Drop, 8hd x 2014 Drop, 4hd x 2013 Drop, 3hd x 2012 Drop & 2 hd x 2011 Drop

Ave Full Wgt:
Cows: 450kg (406 - 482kg) at assessment
Calves: 55kg (40 - 100kg) at assessment

Sire Link: TeMania Like L936

Video Links:

Otway Pastoral Co. Angus Cows

Otway Pastoral Co. Angus Calves

Location: Gellibrand VIC


104hd Angus Yearling Heifers

Vendor bred Heifers presenting in store to forward store condition
Ideal Heifers to join to your choice of Bull immediately or grow out to heavier weights

Heifers will grow into good medium framed matrons

All Heifers mouthed & weighed – Milk to 2 teeth

Ave empty weight at assessment: 316kg (251 - 383kg)

Video Link: R & T Wills Angus Yearling Heifers

Asking Price: $1400 + gst (Vendor happy to accept a draft back to a b-double load)

Location: Mandurama NSW

Account: Maharatta Partnership - SOLD

To be offered via AuctionsPlus Weaner & Yearling Sale 943
Friday 26th June 2020

35hd Angus Yearling Heifers

An excellent opportunity to secure the complete drop of TeMania and Topbos Angus blood Heifers. A 10% tail (4 hd) removed from the line. These heifers have been sired by high indexing bulls that are in the top 10% of the breed across all indexes, top 10% for 200 & 400 day growth and top 15% for 600 day growth. All cattle on the property have been sold due to the ongoing poor season - these are definitely not the culls! Ideal heifers to join in the spring and would make a great addition to most herds. 

Ave wgt: 286kg full (244-341kg) at assessment

Sire Links:  Topbos Miss Limelight K161  Topbos Valley G509

Video Link: Maharatta Partnership Yearling Heifers

Location: Bombala NSW


To be offered via AuctionsPlus Weaner & Yearling Sale 901
Friday 19th June 2020 

57hd Angus Weaner Steers

44hd Angus Weaner Heifers

Quality line of Rennylea Blood Angus Weaner Steers & Heifers. Normally grown out to feeder weights only for sale due to the season & to ensure the cow herd can be maintained.
These Steers & Heifers are from a large commercial herd that has used the top end Rennylea High indexing Genetics for the past 10 years.
The herd is recognised for their performance & marbling by feedlotters. 
A lovely line of quiet cattle to handle. These cattle will grow out to feeder weights or to MSA kill weights.
Sire Links:
Rennylea K731  Rennylea L159  Rennylea L228
Rennylea K878  Rennylea L1036  Rennylea L1244

Video Links:

MA Sinclair Angus Weaner Steers

MA Sinclair Angus Weaner Heifers

Ave full weight at assessment:
Steers: 267kg (222-325kg)
Heifers: 243kg (213-263kg)

Location: Greenethorpe, NSW

Cattle Wanted


F1 Wagyu Weaners - Steers & Heifers

200 - 300kg

Attractive on farm rates paid

Please contact Chris Callow - 0429 497 166


PTE Heifers or Cows

Store Condition

All breed types considered

Please quote all lines

Competitive rates will be paid

Please contact Chris Callow - 0429 497 166


British/Euro & British X Steers & Heifers

200hd required
Please quote all lines
Competitive rates will be paid

Please contact Chris Callow - 0429 497 166

Agistment/Backgrounding Wanted

Wanted: Agistment/Backgrounding

200 - 300hd Weaners 
200 - 300hd Cows

Excellent rates paid for crop feed

Please contact Chris Callow - 0429 497 166

Steers and Heifers to be placed in truck lots

Guaranteed payment

Please contact Chris Callow - 0429 497 166

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